Chapter 23 - Becoming a World Power

Moral Diplomacy

The cartoon below represents moral diplomacy.  Woodrow Wilson (above right) proposed the idea of moral diplomacy when he was elected in 1912.  Moral diplomacy is when you promote democracy and stay away from imperialism.  What this means is that Wilson wanted to make all governments in the word like the one in the United States, so the people could have control of their government instead of letting empires rule over multiple areas.  There were a lot of people who liked Wilson's idea, but of course it had its flaws.  Lots of people thought that it was a bad idea for the U.S. to get involved with other countries.  They thought that we should govern ourselves and leave it at that.  Moral diplomacy is much of the reason we are so involved with other countries today.  Below is a political cartoon depicting moral diplomacy.

Dollar Diplomacy

William Howard Taft (top left), the 27th president of the United States, was the person who started dollar diplomacy.  Dollar diplomacy is basically what it sounds like.  It is when the goal of the government is to make the country a commercial and financial world power.  As you can see in the cartoon below, poverty was a severe threat to Taft's dollar diplomacy.  He wanted the U.S. to have a strong economic roots so it could have power over the rest of the world.  Many people did not like Taft's idea because he disagreed with Theodore Roosevelt, the president before him who was also his best friend.  Their views were different.  Taft thought more like a lawyer and Roosevelt was more intent on making better relationships with countries.